Closing this blog

30 08 2007

While this blog does apparently get quite a few hits (over 1,000 some months), I’m not going to be using it anymore since I no longer really like the way I’ve managed it. I”ll be starting up a more anonymous blog somewhere else with a title that I hopefully like better. Sorry guys!

I’ll leave this husk of a blog for the internet denizens to peruse, since there still is some useful information – mostly just that tidbit about the bluetooth in a particular model of compaq’s laptops that were shipped one christmas season… but in any case, there will be no new articles or updates. I might clean up the XP: Tablet Edition install How-To, or maybe just post the updated version at my new blog.


19 06 2007

I just finished watching “Sicko” (Michael Moore’s new documentary on the American health-care system). It’s definitely his best yet. I’ll admit to crying some during this movie. Why does the U.S. have it so wrong on this issue?! I want my universal health-care! And a government employee hired to do my laundry for free!

And, as you’ve probably guessed, I did download this off bittorent. It hasn’t been released in theaters yet, only ‘leaked’ on the internet. Translation: internet buzz marketing.

Anyway, I recommend watching this. It’s worth it. Go torrent it.

So You Think You Can Dance – Sara & Jesus

14 06 2007

Yep, I’ll admit to watching So You Think You Can Dance. It’s a pretty awesome show – I watch it whenever I catch it on TV. Last night I saw one of the coolest and most unique routines that was “pop jazz” genre. The dancers, Sara and Jesus, did a great job of performing it. I couldn’t resist putting it up! So here they are:

Just The Facts About Online Youth Victimization

14 06 2007

I happened to run across Danah Boyd’s blog apophenia, and in particular a post about a conference called “Just The Facts About Online Youth Victimization”. I watched the youtube playlist (about 1 1/2 hrs). This is solid information that everyone should know – not especially kids or parents – just everyone. According to these leading researchers, the TV media’s popularized image of online predators is horribly misrepresentative of the majority of statutory rape cases, and there is a vast social dynamic to be studied. These people know their shit.

Please, watch the playlist. If nothing else, check out the transcript (PDF) on apophenia’s post. I cannot begin to tell you how right on these people are.

Sara & Jesus – Pop Jazz routine

14 06 2007

Last night I saw a totally awesome dance routine on So You Think You Can Dance. It was done by Sara & Jesus (couple #6 for that night), and was under the “Pop Jazz” genre, whatever that means. I couldn’t resist posting it once it showed up on youtube:

Shelley The Republican

28 04 2007

I happened across today since Friendly Atheist linked to it in a recent post. This has got to be one of the scariest militant intolerant conservative blogs I’ve ever seen. I really wonder if someone could really be self-deceived enough to belief some of the content of the posts there.

Awww… isn’t that cute?

27 04 2007